Original Mold for Hemingray Salesman Sample.

CD 233 Hemingray No. 42

No, that’s not a typo in the title! When you think “Hemingray 42” the CD 154 probably comes to mind. But there is another radically different style of the Hemingray 42.

This other 42 closely resembles a CD 233 and is currently listed as such. No complete examples are known at this point in time. Two dump specimens are know. Luckily we have one with a good bottom and one with a good top so we know exactly what it would of looked like.

Recently at the 2015 Springfield show, I had asked Darin Cochran and Rodger Lucus to bring the examples they had dug at the dump to have me photograph. My idea was to repair them on Photoshop so for the first time we can see what a complete one would look like.

It is SDP and marked HEMINGRAY on the front skirt and No 42 on the back. The glass on both of them are covered in this black coating. (They were found in nearly the same spot, none of the other glass from this area had this coating).
It has a wider cable top and side groove when compared to the CD 233 HEMINGRAY E.3.

Thanks to Darin Cochran and Rodger Lucus for bringing and sharing these! I know I was happy to get to see them and have fun repairing it in Photoshop.

My Image
CD 233 Hemingray No 42
My Image
Hemingray No 42 under side
My Image
CD 233 Hemingray E. 3.

I did a article on this topic for the Winter 2015 Drip Points Magazine. Be sure to check it out.

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