NOT Hemingray

NOT Hemingray

This page is here to show some of the items that look like Hemingray made glass but are NOT.

Leaf Pickle - Atterbury Glass Co

The Leaf Pickle dish was considered possibly Hemingray at one time because it comes in many of the same colors as the Hemingray bird dish. Below is a scan from a 1881 Atterbury catalog confirming its not Hemingray but Atterbury. Big thanks goes out to Brad Gougeon for finding this info. For me!

1881 Atterbury Catalog - Leaf Pickle
Atterburt Glass Co. Leaf Pickle Dish

Butterfly Basket - Atterbury Glass Co

At one point these were considered to possible Hemingray because they come in many of the same colors as the Hemingray bird dish. They have 2 patent dates on the bottom ”JULY 21st 1874”(Patent No. 153,221) and APRIL 5th 1881” (Possibly Patent No. 239,772). These patents are assigned to Atterbury Glass Co. They come on the same colors as the above Atterbury Leaf Pickle dish.

Butterfly Basket - Atterbury Glass Co

HGCO Bowl - Hocking Glass Co

The HGCo Monogram logo on the bowl looks like the 1890s H.G.Co that is found on the Hemingray fruit jar. The bowl was made in the 1940s by Hocking Glass Co (before they became Anchor-Hocking)

Hocking Glass Co Logo
Hocking Glass Co Bowl. (HGCo)

H.G. & Co. Bottle - H. GRONE & Co

This bottle is embossed H.G. & Co.

The H.G & Co. stands for H. GRONE & CO
Thanks to Kim Borgman for the info. on this piece.

H.G. & Co. Bottle

"X" Pattern Flask

This is a ground top flask. Color is a SCA. There are ones that Hemingray made that look REALLY close to this with an "X" pattern.

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