Water Bottles

Water Bottles

To learn more about how to identify Hemingray made water bottles see the Articles page on Water Bottles

All the water bottles manufactured by Hemingray are the "Bilby style". Patented on April 5th 1932 by Earnest E Bilby, Licensed to Hemingray for production. Design Patent Number. 86,659. They come in 3 sizes, Pint, 1 Quart and 2 Quart. You will find them in 4 colors, ice aqua, 7-UP green, amber, carnival glass. They were manufactured in the 1930's

In general, the Ice Aqua and 7-Up Green are the most readily available colors. Amber being Scarce and only known in 3 patterns. Carnival being the rarest with only 2 examples known.

3 Hemingray Water Bottles

Here are the names of some Hemingray made Water Bottles

Abe Lincoln
George Washington
Lion’s Head
Wishing Well
Majestic Refrigerator
Sleepy Water (Hot Springs Ark.)
Home Refrigerator
Rope Border Design
Katz Drug Co.
Spirit of ‘76
Save with Ice
GE Refrigerator
Minnehaha Springs Water
Mountain Valley (Hot Springs Ark.)
Plain (No design)

Led Water Bottle Plate

Talk about a neat go-with. This is lead. It was the first thing ever poured in the pint water bottle mold! It was used to test the mold before the glass was poured, truly a one of a kind piece!

My Image

One of a kind Pint water bottle with carnival coating. This bottle was taken home by a Owens Illinois employee before the factory closed. - In the Collection of Rodger Lucas

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