Bracket Lamps & Peg Lamps

Bracket Lamps & Peg Lamps

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Basket (*SK) NOTE: Hemingray ones have a small dot on bottom

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Frosted Star (*SK) NOTE: Hemingray made ones have Frosted dots and bars above the groove. There are lamps that look really close to these, that may not be Hemingray.

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Meteor (*SK)

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Meteor (*KB)

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Meteor With Oil Filler (*SK)

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Meteor With Ring (*SK)

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Meteor with Original Hardware (*SK)

Pin Fount (*KB)

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St. George (*KB)

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Frosted St. George (*KB)

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Waffle Cube (*KB)

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Western (*KB)

* SK = in the collection of Shaun Kotlarsky
* KB = In the collection of Kim Borgman

Hemingray Meteor Ad

1891 ad for “Meteor” and “Aladdin” style lamps

For more Hemingray ads be sure to see the “Hemingray Advertising” section.

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