More Research Needed

More Research Needed

This page is here to show you some items that are suspected to be Hemingray made but more research needed to prove it. NOTE: Be sure to check out the “NOT Hemingray” page as there has been some new discoveries about the Leaf dish and Basket.

E.H. Southern

E.H. Southern "wall match safes" were designed to be hung on the wall. They have the patent date embossed on the back "PAT JUNE 13 1876" (Patent No. 178,504)

E.H. Southern - Peacock Blue
E.H. Southern - Clear
E.H. Southern - Frosted
E.H. Southern - Off White

Cobalt Fruit Jar

There is little known about this jar. Over the years several fruit jar collectors have stated these are Hemingray because the threads are like the ones on the Patent June 9 1863 Jar. To date, there have not been shards found at the Hemingray factory site.

Cobalt Jar

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