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CD 732.2


CD 732.2

CD 732.2

Size: 76mm x 104mm (3" x 4.125")




Years produced: c.1871
Style (CD) scarcity: 2, Less then 10 known
Intended use: Telegraph
Notes: Not a lot is known about Hemingray’s production of threadless insulators. They most certainly made some, but to date we only know of one confirmed style. CD 732.2 “Floyd Patent”. Floyd patent refers to the May 14, 1867 (Patent No, 64,654).
It is a patent for a locking insulator pin. Insulator is threadless, the pin “snaps” in to the groove at the top of the insulator.

Only three examples of this Floyd patent insulator are known to exist with the DEC. 19, 1871 date on it, None have the actual Floyd patent date on them. Colors are light sage green and light purple.

There are also unembossed insulators that have the Floyd ring.

Primary EmbossingEINEmbossingBaseColor
NO EMBOSSING[010](No embossing)SBBlue Aqua
NO EMBOSSING[010](No embossing)SBCelery Green
NO EMBOSSING[010](No embossing)SBDark Lime Green
NO EMBOSSING[010](No embossing)SBGreen w/ Milk Swirls
NO EMBOSSING[010](No embossing)SBLight Green
PATENT - DEC. 19, 1871[010](F-Crown) PATENT/DEC. 19. 1871 (R-Crown) 1SBLight Purple
PATENT - DEC. 19, 1871[010](F-Crown) PATENT/DEC. 19. 1871 (R-Crown) 1SBLight Sage Green
CD 732.2 - PATENT - DEC. 19, 1871 - [010] - Light Purple

PATENT - DEC. 19, 1871


Light Purple

Confirmed Hemingray unit. Has the Hemingray Dec. 19, 1871 date (Patent No. 122,015) on it. It also is a threadless version of the CD 131.4

CD 732.2 - NO EMBOSSING - [010] - Blue Aqua



Blue Aqua

This example is also made with the Floyd Patent. It has the ring in top of the threadless pinhole. It is the blue aqua color a lot of Hemingray made jars and insulators come in from that time period. Not 100% proof it's a Hemingray but likely is.

CD 732.2 - NO EMBOSSING - [010] - Green




This example does not have the Floyd Patent ring. The mold lines and profile is nearly identical to the 1871 marked CD 732.2 and the threaded CD 131.4. Again, not proof it's Hemingray but I suspect it is. Any CD 732.2 is rare so it is a bit hard to “compare” them. This insulator was found in Covington, KY.

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