Hemingray Dots

CD 206-249

Saddle wire groove - Double petticoat

CD 249

CD 249

Size: 215mm x 168mm (8.5" x 6.625")




Years produced: c.1903
Style (CD) scarcity: 4, 51- 250 known
Intended use: High Voltage Power
Notes: The 0 Provo first appeared in an ad in 1903 (see the advertising section for ad.) stating it can handle 50,000 volts quite scarce style. Were known to be used on a line in PA (see in use page for photos of them in use!)

Primary EmbossingEINEmbossingBaseColor
HEMINGRAY[005](F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY (R-Skirt) No 0, PROVO TYPE/PATENTED APRIL 25 1899 ( 34mm - 1.375" pinhole)SBAqua

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