Hemingray Dots

CD 1021-1034

Lag mounted

CD 1030

CD 1030

Size: 66mm x 93mm (2.625" x 3.6875")




Years produced: c.1930s - 1940's
Style (CD) scarcity: 3, 11-50 known
Intended use: Power
Notes: Patented December 14, 1943 (Patent No. 2,336,864). Although it was patented by Owens-Illinois in 1943, there are examples in ice blue indicating that they were examples made in the early 1930's. They experimented with five different connection types. All examples are rare.

Primary EmbossingEINEmbossingBaseColor
NO EMBOSSING[010](No embossing) (Knurled, threaded insert) (Hemingray product)SBIce Blue
NO EMBOSSING[020](No embossing) (Lag screw in base) (Hemingray product)SBBlue Tint
NO EMBOSSING[030](No embossing) (Machine screw in base) (Hemingray product)SBIce Blue
NO EMBOSSING[040](No embossing) (Slotted base, round hole) (Hemingray product)SBGreen Tint
NO EMBOSSING[050](No embossing) (Slotted base) (Hemingray product)SBClear

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