Collections: LOCKE

Collections: LOCKE

Hemingray made three styles of insulators for Fred Locke. CD 204 Cross-top, CD 287.1 and CD 287.2.

All Fred Locke embossed CD 204s are Hemingray, they come in Blue, Light Aqua and Light Green. There is a No Embossing unit listed in the guide, I have never seen an unmarked example so can’t attribute it to Hemingray at this time, it is listed in Blue Aqua.

All CD 287.1s are Hemingray made. They come in a range of colors too! Aqua, Light Aqua, Ice Aqua, Red Amber, Peacock Blue, 7-up Green. All But the 7-up Green have been found in the Grand Rapids, MI area. Ice Aqua and Red Amber only were used in Michigan. Aqua was also found in Butte, MT. Peacock Blue was also found in Galveston, TX. The Ice Aqua ones come with several extended skirt sizes. This extended skirt is not seen on any of the colored ones or the Aqua units.

The CD 287.2s Lockes are Hemingray. The over whelming majority of this CD are Brookfield marked units and have a different profile. In fact, today only 2 Hemingray units are known. They are a odd Gray color. They are the same height as the CD 287.1s, but are not as wide.

Stacks Image 16142
CD 204 - [010] - (*SK)
Stacks Image 16150
CD 287.1 - [010] - Red Amber - (*BM)
Stacks Image 16158
CD 287.1 - [010] - Peacock Blue - (*BM)
Stacks Image 16166
CD 287.1 - [010] - 7-up Green - (*RY)
Stacks Image 12091
CD 287.1 - [010] - Blue Aqua - (*SK)
Stacks Image 12107
CD 287.1 - [010] - Aqua - (*SK)
Stacks Image 12099
CD 287.1 - [010] - Ice Blue Aqua - (*SK)
Stacks Image 12131
CD 287.1 - [010] - Ice Aqua - (*SK)
Stacks Image 12123
CD 287.1 - [010] - Ice Aqua - (*SK)
Stacks Image 12115
CD 287.1 - [010] - Ice Green Aqua - (*SK)
Stacks Image 12139
CD 287.1 - [010] - Ice Aqua with Amber. Gives it a Lime tint! - (*SK)
Stacks Image 16174
CD 287.2 - [010] - Gray - (*RY)

The image below shows the 5 sizes that the CD 287.1 comes in. Left is the standard size one and one on the far right is the tallest. The faint blue line at the top of the photos helps show the wide range of sizes these come in.

My Image

Photo compliments of:
(*BM) = Bill Meier
(*RY) = Ron Yuhas
(*SK) = Shaun Kotlarsky

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