Collections : CD 104 NEW ENG.TEL.& TEL.CO

Collections : CD 104 NEW ENG.TEL.& TEL.CO [075]

Only one style of the CD 104 NEW ENG.TEL.& TEL.CO (New England Telephone & Telegraph Company) in Hemingray made. That is the [075] embossing. There are some units out there that are very close looking to Hemingray ones but are not. Vast majorly of CD 104s are NOT Hemingray made. There are some common Hemingray characteristics that will get you on the right track to Identifying Hemingray made CD 104s. Remember, there are some that have most of those characteristics but are not Hemingray!

  • As with all Hemingray insulators, they will never have a MLOD (Mold Line Over Dome) Hemingray used 3 pice molds. If the Insulator has a MLOD you can quickly eliminate it as being Hemingray.
  • The Hemingray ones do NOT have dome numbers or glass dot.
  • Sharp mold lines on the dome, Similar to what you see on a CD 112.4 Hemingray No 8.
  • Tight Arc in the embossing.
  • Thin crisp embossing.
  • The CO. Is on the same base line as the Arc embossing.

NOTE: Be sure to check out the more in-depth article on Identifying CD 104 NEW ENG.TEL.& TEL.CO insulators in the Articles section of the site.

Stacks Image 9636
Light Aqua - (*GH)
Stacks Image 13753
Light Aqua With rock in dome! - (*MC)
Stacks Image 9649
Light Blue Aqua - (*SK)
Stacks Image 9607
Blue Aqua - (*GH)
Stacks Image 9615
Blue - (*SK)
Stacks Image 9628
Yellow Green - (*GH)
Stacks Image 13742
Yellow Green - With extra glass on side (*TS)

NOTE: Special thanks to Gene Hawkins for letting me photograph his 3 Hemingray CD 104s, and for the help with the “How to ID” information given to me over the years.

Photo compliments of:
(*GH) = Gene Hawkins
(*MC) = Mason Colby
(*SK) = Shaun Kotlarsky
(*TS) = Tobey Sweet

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