Hemingray Dots

CD 315-334

One piece - Large power styles

CD 317.7

CD 317.7

Size: 228mm x 117mm (9" x 4.625")




Years produced: c.1902
Style (CD) scarcity: 1, One of a kind
Intended use: High Voltage
Notes: One of a kind insulator found at the Hemingray factory dump in the 1960's. Patented August 4, 1903 (Patent No. 735,212).

Only power insulator to be marked “H.G.CO.” Example has drip points on the inner petticoat.

Primary EmbossingEINEmbossingBaseColor
H.G.CO.[010](F-Skirt) H.G.CO./PATENT MAY 2. 1893 (Round drip points appear only on the inner skirt)RDPAqua

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