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Identifying Hemingray made oil lamps

Almost all Hemingray made lamps have a double ring around the collar. Lots of other lamp manufactures used the same double ring. This is just the first step in identifying a Hemingray made lamp. It is also possible that the ring has been replaced over the years.


Next thing to look for is a seam between the bowl and neck. There are no one piece Stand or footed finger Hemingray lamps. Again Just because a lamp has a 2 ringed collar and is not 1 piece does not make it Hemingray. Just helps narrow things down.


If the lamp is a finger lamp or footed finger lamp it will have a loopy handle or a Covington style handle that is attached to the bowl. The handle will never be molded in to the bowl. Hemingray handles have a distinct look.

Loopy handel
Loopy Handle
Covington style handel
Covington Style Handle

Some Hemingray lamps have a grooved base or "Drip catcher base" as the lamp collectors call it. Not a requirement to be Hemingray but is one more way to ID them

Drip Carcher Base

It is best to stick to known Hemingray made lamps. This is just a guide to show common characteristics . There are photos of Hemingray made lamps on my lamps photos page.

Hemingray Lamp

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